Khamis, 8 Mei 2014


Oh no. Punya lama suda inda update ni barang. It's been a while kan. Nahh, bukan ada yang keep up sama ni barang pun. Sia saja yang perasan lebih, awww. 

So.. Hmm. Nothing much to say. Life has been good to me lately, thanks God (high five, Bro). Done my Practicum - with flying colours i might say. Oh, forgot to mention. Done two phases of practicum already, phase II at SK Bunga Raya and phase III at SK Kg Beriawa Ulu, Keningau. Done a lot of things, been here and there tapi malas la mau mention semua.

Feelin kinda old. A friend of mine, si Aguk was 12 when I first came to this institute. An innocent, funny lookin brat he was back then. Now dia Form 5 sudah, budak SPM baitu. Scrolled through old pictures of me and said "wah hensem oh saya pula dulu", "comel oh saya", "eh kurus dan slim dan menawan oh saya". Made me realized that i've changed substantially over the years. Berat badan pun fluctuates, dulu naik turun pun mean dia 64kg saja. Now susah suda mau turun below the 65 mark. Yikes.

I'm a 16 years old boy trapped in a 23 years old vessel. Being in this vessel - 1 that are lovable handsome gorgeous cute and cuddly yet tough lookin - I felt like i should've achieved more than what i have, that are currently available in my disposal. Not being tamaha or what butttt yeah somehow i wanted everything to roll as i want them to roll. That is when life smacks us in the face. Hmm membebel pula sia but the point is, itu keinginan tu jangan melebih-lebih dari apa yang kita mampu. Baru la dapat enjoy life. 

Wisdom grows as we age, proportionally, they said.

 Lama suda tida bemanja sama si mimi oh. Sia windu oh kauu imii <3 *wiggle2* haha. Nanti balik Sabah belanje I makan yew. I rela jadi gemok for u kekeke. Padahal lemak di perut mau betingkat 5 suda. Sorry but memang six pack sa will remain invincible due to lamak-lamak yang sumil ini. 

Nothing much to say la sangatt kan, kodokodokodokodokodok bunyi keyboard tau-tau banyak suda perenggan. Gimme a break la aa, lama inda minta puji sini. So guys this is the end for this post, thanks sebab sudi baca *muahmuah* :D

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  1. Hahaha okayy..ada nama sa rasa pemes sekejap :P


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